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A quality-first manufacturer collaborating with OEMs to provide the greatest value products.

MK Fluidic Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that specializes in fluid handling components for analytical and clinical instruments. 


Mike Kloehn, has worked full-time in the medical manufacturing field for over 30 years. Helping build the company his father started in 1970, Mike has always been dedicated to quality products and customer service.  He worked his way up the organization and gained extensive  knowledge in all areas of medical manufacturing and management.  


He started his manufacturing career in the company glass shop, where he rapidly moved up to managing that department. Soon he was working production in the machine shop, and his persistence and attention to detail led him to run all of assembly and manufacturing departments. By 1988, he not only added the engineering, purchasing, and scheduling departments to his list, but had taken over as General Manager.

By 1991 Mike knew the company needed more room for growth and ultimately decided to move the company from California to Las Vegas. He negotiated and acquired property for the company's new building and working closely with the general contractor and architects, designed a 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility, with a Just-In-Time layout.


Identifying new requirements for the growing company, he assisted in implementing ISO 9001 and brought in consultants to divide the company into multiple work cells. These cells held scheduled meetings to discuss strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of their department. When areas for improvement were identified, a task force  was formed to provide a solution and plan for implementation. This created a continuous improvement processes and emphasized a self-empowered work force.


Through the years working with the company Mike was able to reduce response time from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. He used three unique systems to have the company run as smooth and lean as possible. He set up delivery schedules run on the MRP, raw materials on a Kanban system and work cells on a Just-In-Time system. With these systems implemented, Mike set the bar high with a global performance rate of 98% on time delivery, and 99% quality control.


By 2002 Mike Kloehn had not only put in place higher standards for the growing company, but also designed and managed the construction of a second 55,000 square foot facility.


In 2007, Mike Kloehn helped build the company to such a prominent position that it sold at 10 times EBITDA.

Today, Mike is determined to provide outstanding customer service, highest level of product quality and deliver the best value in the industry.

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