The MKFS Difference

For over 30 years, the management of MK Fluidic Systems has understood that the most important aspect of a syringe is the glass. There are numerous options for seal materials and configurations, but the syringe’s performance will always be heavily impacted by the quality of the glass barrel.


Our highly skilled team members operate specialized machinery to ensure that each glass barrel will have CV’s of  ±.05 at 1/10 the volume of the syringe. Optical screening is used to inspect for defects that would impact the performance of the syringe. A final proprietary polishing step ensures that the bore of the glass is as smooth as possible, to improve the life of the syringe.

O.E.M. Syringes

MK Fluidic Systems designs and manufactures syringes for the OEM market place to the customer's needs. Using different plunger rod assemblies, end cap configurations, materials and plunger guides an optimized configuration is created. 

Peek Syringes

PEEK syringes can be used where stainless steel syringes are not as chemically compatible. The inertness of this plastic make it a great material for highly corrosive applications.  

Replacement Syringes & Valves

Low Temperature Syringes

These syringes are designed with very low cross sections where the sealing band meets the glass to minimize the coefficient thermal expansion of the thermal plastic and can operate effectively at temperatures as low as 0° F.

We are now proud to offer compatible replacement syringes and valves for Hamilton PSD syringe pumps. The valves are available with aluminum, PEEK or PCTFE bodies with seal materials choices of  PTFE and UHMW-PE.


Replacement syringes are  available with PTFE or UHMW-PE plunger tips. The PSD syringe line is capable of sealing at temperatures as low as 0°C and at pressures as high at 500 PSI. 

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