Products Case Studies

MK Fluidic Systems provides our OEM customers with products specialized to meet their specific instrumentation needs.

MK Fluidic Systems provides our OEM customers with products specialized to meet their specific instrumentation needs. Our products include precision glass barrel syringes, rotary valves, tubing assemblies, probes and complete service kits used with laboratory equipment.
MKFS can partner with you to custom design valves, syringes, tubing assemblies, fittings, probes and complete service kits for your instrumentation.

  • Customer came to MKFS with a requirement to dispense hydrofluoric acid through the syringe and valve. They had attempted a solution with a well-known syringe company and then began development in-house and were unsuccessful up to this point.
  • MK quickly engineered a new syringe seal and selected 100% HF compatible materials. Our engineers selected a proven valve design from our library and removed all metal components in a material redesign. Special cleaning processes were performed prior to assembly to remove any trace metals.
  • Our customer took the first units to high visibility clients in their industry and proved these newly created designs not only worked without issue, but enabled a next generation level of instrument capability.
  • Customer using a contract design/manufacturer for their instrumentation wanted to gain control of their spare parts. Preventative Maintenance (PM) kits were a significant part of their spend and they had no documentation of the design specifications which the company identified as a significant risk to their business.
  • Since these spares were used in a clinical diagnostic instrument, identical materials and design were chosen to have reverse compatibility with instrumentation in the field. A close collaboration was formed between the customer’s R&D team to ensure all aspects of the spare’s designs were fully documented and tested.
  • Syringes, valves, tubing assemblies and probes were included in complete PM kits and provided as individual spares. The design documentation was established for the customer and a significant cost savings was obtained as a result.
  • Customer was using a syringe manufactured by one company and sold to them by another. On-going quality issues with the syringe over the years and the supply chain challenge during the Covid-19 crisis lead the company to seek another source.
  • The reagents used in their instrument were highly corrosive and caused premature failures, often requiring syringe replacement before the scheduled maintenance period. A meticulous investigation into the root cause of these failures lead to new test protocols being developed, eliminating the non-conformances.
  • The detailed and timely information provided by MKFS allowed the customer’s engineering team to move swiftly through the verification and validation process. The end result was a syringe that was verified to have a significantly longer service life as well as a cost savings.